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HBO’s ‘Confederate’ Asks: What If the South Won the Civil War?

Sometime in the next year or so, HBO is planning to premiere a series called Confederate. It starts with the premise that the South won the Civil War and is now a separate nation with slaves today. HBO is putting their best writers on this story.

They should. They have to somehow not offend Southerners who still hate the Yankees, African-Americans who hate that their ancestors were kidnapped into slavery, and proud Americans who revere Lincoln for making our country the home of the free and the last westernized country to free its slaves.

Confederate is being billed as a blockbuster that will rival Game of Thrones’s success. Thrones is successful, it’s been said, because we get to see a world without laws, ethics or morals, where sheer power wins. Sometimes in certain parts of primitive brains, people crave just that.

Next year, perhaps we will be treated to “Deniers,” a tale about the aftermath of us all finding out the Holocaust never happened.

Swastika flag fluttering over the White House?

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