Behind the Hedges: Two Mile Hollow Oceanfront Price Cut

38 Two Mile Hollow Road, East Hampton
38 Two Mile Hollow Road, East Hampton, Photo: Courtesy Douglas Elliman

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Remember August 2013? Sure you do: Usain Bolt winning, Whitey Bulger arrested, that One Direction movie debuted? (OK, us neither.) In that more innocent time, this property debuted on the market, asking a chortle-inducing $45 million. Why laugh? The house itself was perfectly nice as spec homes go. There’s plenty of room with 9000 square feet with eight bedrooms. There’s 2.8 acres of land with a tennis court, pool of course, pool house, and even a little beach bungalow, and it’s oceanfront. Unfortunately, the land is narrow and the large house is awkwardly sited, and there’s very little usable empty outdoor space (the tennis court takes up a lot). Read more at

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