Is Shark Surfing Safe? Hamptons Police Investigate

Hamptons shark surfing fans say it's safe and fun!
Hamptons shark surfing fans say it's safe and fun! Photo: Konstantin Trubavin, Sergei Uriadnikov/123RF

After receiving calls from worried parents, police officials announced that they are carefully reviewing the activities of an area camp that offers training in shark surfing at South Fork beaches.

Shark surfing involves standing on the back of a shark and riding it along the waves.

“They say these are specially trained, tame sharks that they use,” Hamptons Police Department spokesman Larry Hirsch explained. “But we haven’t really verified the tameness and we’re not sure who could really do that. We’re a little stumped, to tell the truth.”

Meanwhile, some parents are worried their children might wind up with stumps instead of legs if the sharks turn out to be vicious after all. This despite reassurances from the camp’s director of operations, Hyland Fishman, who on Thursday published photos, apparently genuine, of happy campers petting seemingly docile sharks under the supervision of camp counselors.

In a statement, Fishman quipped “Our sharks have pointy teeth, but they keep them out of sight!”

Police expect to complete their review of the camp’s operations by early October. They will then decide the camp’s future for summer 2018.

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