My Hamptons: Steven Dubb – Developer, Surfer, Gardener

Steven Dubb
Steven Dubb, Photo: Donnelly Marks

It ought to be illegal to be smart, handsome and nice, but Steven Dubb is all three, we can attest. Try not to hate him anyway. He’s principal of The Beechwood Organization, best known in the Hamptons as the developer of Bishops Pond in Southampton and owner of the Latch Pop-Up Inn that launched this summer.

Current projects include The Vanderbilt in Westbury, luxury apartment rental and hotel suites, and new residential developments from Suffolk and Nassau into New York City. In his spare time, Steven hangs out in his Amagansett home, where he likes surfing and gardening.

Behind the Hedges: What do you love about the Hamptons? How long have you been coming out here?

Steven Dubb: I love living so close to the beach. There are so many ways to have fun in the water. I just get this feeling of childish glee from surfing. Then there’s the farms, the trees, the cliffs in Montauk, and the crystal clear canopy of stars you can see out here on a clear night. I’ve been coming here since I was 11, making it 19 years now.

BTH: What is your favorite restaurant in the Hamptons?

SD: I love the food, the setting and the people who work at The Crow’s Nest in Montauk. The mood has this great Moroccan hint and the food never disappoints.

BTH: What’s your Amagansett home like?

SD: I had comfort and entertaining in mind when I built my house, so it’s pretty casual. There’s a lot of bright light, a lot of soft linen couches and chairs, and a rustic oak floor that looks better with every season of sandy feet walking over it. I built a vegetable garden this summer, but I didn’t expect that I’d get so much pleasure out of gardening. I love eating my own tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, raspberries, and even cantaloupe.

BTH: Describe your perfect day on the East End.

SD: Any October day with a good ground swell and a little bit of chill in the air. Surf in the morning, eat lunch, surf again, and sit by the fireplace reading a book after dinner.

BTH: If you could invite anyone, alive or dead, to your Hamptons party, who would they be?

SD: I listen religiously to a foreign policy podcast by David Rothkopf, who until recently was the editor of Foreign Policy magazine. I find his take on world affairs and US strategy fascinating, especially these days. I’d love to sit next to him at a party.

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