Hamptons Real Estate By the Numbers: October 2017

Pond House and October real estate numbers
Pond House and October real estate numbers, Photo: JEFFREY COLLE

Our sister site and monthly magazine, Behind the Hedges (BehindtheHedges.com), offers an index of Hamptons real estate by the numbers for October 2017. Read these tidbits and factoids, and feel satisfied knowing a little bit more than most about East End properties, history and more. Or, store them deep in your brain now and impress friends and colleagues at cocktail parties later.

Original asking price for Pond House in East Hampton, purchased by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – $39.5 million

Price paid by Beyoncé and Jay-Z – $26 million

Combined net worth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, according to Forbes – $1.16 billion

Year of the first Bridgehampton Sports Car Road Races – 1915

Year the Bridgehampton Road Races Corporation bought land for a private track – 1953

Cost of that 550-acre plot overlooking Noyac Bay – $55,000

Price paid for that plot in 1983, on which is now the Bridge Golf Club – $9 million

Number of Oscar nominations, Hamptons International Film Festival films, 2016 – 45

Number of Oscar nominations, HIFF, since 2008 – 275

Number of people aboard FV Pelican, a 42-foot party boat off Montauk, September 1, 1951 – 64

Number of people the Coast Guard estimated FV Pelican could safely carry – 30

Number of people killed when FV Pelican capsized – 45

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