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James Katsipis Offers ‘Mermaids of Montauk’ Photo Book for Preorder

Montauk photographer James Katsipis does a bit of everything from behind the lens. He’s worked as a professional in-water surf photographer for over a decade, he shoots weddings and events, and makes some of the most beautiful images of The End that you’ll ever see. Now, after four years of work, he’s on the cusp of publishing Mermaids of Montauk: A Photographic Depiction by James Katsipis, a new photography book now available for preorder and due for release in summer 2018.

The book, featuring artful black and white images of beautiful women in the ocean and bay waters of Montauk, Katsipis’ home town and one for which his passion is endless. While he has yet to reveal any of the actual pictures from Mermaids of Montauk, the photographer recently revealed alternate takes and mood shots to give people an idea of what will appear in its pages.

“Mermaids of Montauk” image by James Katsipis

To give folks an idea of what’s in store: Last month, Katsipis was planning some final shots with brave models and blue sharks—outside the cage—in the waters off Montauk.

“About four years ago I took a swim in the ocean with a friend and my camera and out came the Mermaids of Montauk,” Katsipis explains in a note about the preorder for this one-time limited run book. “A lot of sweat, time and blood went into this series,” he says. “Ask any of the girls how easy it was.”

“Mermaids of Montauk” image by James Katsipis

Along with the 1,000 regular copies of the book for $100, Katsipis is taking orders now for an additional 250 signed, limited edition copies that come with an 8 x 10-inch signed and numbered artist print on archival paper for $250. He will not print anymore books after these are sold.

Preorder your copy of Mermaids of Montauk by James Katsipis at The site also offers a number of Katsipis’ fine art prints for sale.

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