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Howard and Beth Stern Share Secrets to Happy Marriage in the Hamptons

Southampton animal advocate, author and media personality Beth Stern recently told Closer Weekly some details about how she and hubby Howard Stern stay so happy in their marriage of almost 10 years. It turns out the Hamptons plays a central role!

Speaking at the Bash for the Bulldogs charity event earlier this month, the fervent feline fan said, “Everything Howard does is romantic,” adding, “In the mornings, we have our coffee and he gives each cat attention—and to me that is romance, just loving our rescues.”

Stern also said she and her radio superstar husband begin and end their day with their purring pets, explaining, “We’re in bed by 9 p.m. with the cats!”

Closer Weekly also shared Stern’s praise for her husband from a January 8, 2017 interview: “I am so lucky. He is perfect for me,” she told the magazine, before revealing that Stern has become something of a budding watercolorist, painting Hamptons scenes in his spare time. “The last one he did was a watercolor of a very special spot in the Hamptons, so he wrote this really romantic thing in pencil and I cherish it,” she said.

In another interview, for Social Life magazine, Stern said they wake as a couple at 5 a.m. every morning—even when he’s not working—and take a walk on the beach in front of their Southampton home. As they enjoy the stroll, the duo collect garbage, such as deflated helium balloons that have washed ashore. The Sterns morning routine also includes 20 minutes of transcendental meditation—a practice they repeat in the afternoon.

Beth and Howard Stern married on October 3, 2008, and it sounds like they’re doing all the right things to maintain a happy and fruitful partnership till death does them part.

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