Cheer On East End Olympian Justin Krewson This Wednesday

Krewson and Sherk at Luge Nations Cup Doubles PyeongChang. Photo by Jeon Han. Copyright: The Republic of Korea via
Krewson and Sherk at Luge Nations Cup Doubles PyeongChang, Photo: Jeon Han Copyright: The Republic of Korea via

East Enders already have a wide range of sports they’re expected to care about, from professional football and hockey to high school lacrosse and wrestling, but now the 2018 Winter Olympics are adding one more to the list, luge. At this year’s games, the Hamptons and North Fork will be cheering one name: Justin Krewson.

Originally from Eastport (just past Remsenburg), Krewson will compete in the men’s luge doubles competition along with his partner Andrew Sherk. Their first challenge will be to beat fellow American lugers Matthew Mortensen and Jayson Terdiman in the doubles run on February 14 to qualify for the American relay team the next day.

Krewson was introduced to luge at the young age of 12 when he met Olympic luger Adam Heidt who introduced him to the USA Slider Search program. The program sent him to a screening in camp in Lake Placid to test his competitive luge potential, and from there he earned placement on the national team.

He expressed his excitement to CBS New York, saying, “We get to travel the world, meet hundreds of new people and experience things that most 21-year-olds really will never get to experience, and that’s something that you really can’t take for granted.”

Krewson began competing in doubles luge in 2012 but did not partner up with Sherk until 2015. They’ve had three years to hone their collective skill, and now it’s time to prove to the world that their intense training has paid off. This is their finest moment, their Olympic debut.

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games began on February 9 and will conclude on February 25. There will be two men’s luge doubles runs on February 14, and the team with the lowest time will move on to the relay race the next day.

Check the official Olympic Games website to know when to tune in to watch the East End’s very own Justin Krewson.

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