Groovy 1970s Time Capsule Home Listed in Montauk

7 Upland Rd, Montauk-13. Courtesy of Martha Greene.
7 Upland Rd. Courtesy of Martha Greene.

We absolutely adore midcentury time capsules, homes that have clearly been barely updated in decades. Why? For one thing, those of us who are older than dirt tend to love the kind of styles of furniture and homes that were popular in the carefree days of our childhood. We also love the idea that, back then, people tended to stay in one house for decades. That’s how we want to live personally, but few people do these days. These houses meant a lot to their owners: They were lovingly designed at one point and the people who lived there saw no reason to update.

Plus, in many ways, the decorating styles of past years have a lot to teach us today. A corollary of people moving often is that they’re afraid to decorate in anything but the most staid, boring, generic, colorless, anonymous style because they don’t want to “wreck” resale value. White walls, the same old white kitchens and baths, blah blah blah. They can’t go wrong. But the flip side of that is they can’t really go right either. Back in the day, people weren’t afraid to let it all hang out, decoratively. Mirrored walls? Smoked mirror walls? Wallpaper? Wallpaper on the ceiling? Fun colored bathroom fixtures? Fun colored kitchen appliances?

7 Upland Rd, Montauk-13. Courtesy of Martha Greene.
7 Upland Rd. Courtesy of Martha Greene.

Being afraid wasn’t an issue for the original owner/builder of this Montauk house. Two words: conversation pit.

Oh we love that conversation pit with the brightness of a thousand suns. And the light fixture! And the shag carpeting!

Two more words: built-in planters. Next to the Montauk stone fireplace, naturally.

Smoked mirrors! A built-in buffet/sideboard! A passthrough to the kitchen, and more of that sexy shag in the dining room.

OK, we’ll admit that the kitchen isn’t too exciting, though we like the breakfast area. In case anyone is scoffing at 1970s kitchens, watch The Exorcist some time-—now that’s a gorgeous 1970s kitchen. (Yes, we are nerdy enough to pay more attention to the interior design.)

While the bedrooms and bathrooms aren’t too exciting in this house, there’s a decent number, 4 and 2.5 respectively, as midcentury houses go, and they would be easy to update.

The exterior of this property, which is repped by John D’Agostino at Martha Greene, is another standout. There’s 1.7 acres abutting reserve, which includes attractive gardens, decking and stone patios. There’s even your own private pond for fishing, nature watching, or skating. And while there isn’t a pool, there’s room for one, of course.

7 Upland Rd, Montauk-13. Courtesy of Martha Greene.
7 Upland Rd. Courtesy of Martha Greene.

Asking price for all this is $1.7 million. The property has been on the market for a while and the ask was just reduced. C’mon people, have some vision, and think about lovely evenings with California dip and chips in that conversation pit.

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