Jerry Seinfeld Claims the Porsche 911 R Was His Idea

Jerry Seinfeld and the Porsche 911 R
Jerry Seinfeld and the Porsche 911 R, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM, rickdeacon/123RF

Amagansett resident Jerry Seinfeld loves cars and knows a lot about them, sharing his vast knowledge of the countless vehicles in his collection in the opening of each Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode. His passion for automobiles runs so deep, that he is now claiming to have designed his own collector car.

During an interview on Spike Feresten’s Spike Car Radio podcast, Seinfeld told the story of the time he pitched the idea of reviving the 911 R nameplate to Porsche designer Grant Larson ten years ago. Seinfeld envisioned this new model as a “super lightweight, no-wing GT3.”

At the time, Larson approached the Porsche board with the design concept, but they voted against it. About five years later, the new 911 R debuted, suspiciously similar to the comedian’s dismissed pitch. While Seinfeld would like some of the credit, he’s not about to sue for it, telling Feresten, “I don’t know if it would hold up in court.”

Ironically, Seinfeld’s story is strangely similar to an actual lawsuit that he’s on the other end of. In February, producer Christian Charles claimed that he pitched the idea of Comedians in Cars to Seinfeld in 2002, which the pair then made a pilot episode for. Charles is convinced that the comedian loved his idea for the show but didn’t want to share ownership of it.

The plaintiff is seeking financial compensation per episode aired, as well as a “created by” credit. Seinfeld’s lawyer assured TMZ that, “Jerry independently created Comedians in Cars and Mr. Charles only concocted this claim after the show became a commercial success… This shakedown lawsuit will go nowhere.”

Given Seinfeld’s affinity for cars and comedians, it’s hard to imagine him needing any help to come up with a concept as simple as Comedians in Cars. Like his claim on the Porsche 911 R, this one won’t hold up in court.

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