The AP Solution: Reading Only Associated Press News Could Heal U.S.

Right vs. Left AP cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas
Cartoon by Mickey Paraskevas

To end stubbornness and anxiety, take one AP notification every hour.

The Associated Press (AP) has more reporters in more cities and towns than any other news organization in America. They provide fair news articles to the media. Yet you don’t hear much about them. You will only know they’re there when you see the letters “AP” at the start of an article. In The New York Times, this might be one story in 10. In a small daily in Ohio, it might be nearly all the national news articles.

I think using the AP in a certain way can put an end to the hysteria on both sides of the American political spectrum that is tearing this country apart. To calm it all down, get the AP app on your smartphone and only allow “notifications” about news stories from the AP.

Yes, keep your other news apps, the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Tap them. You can still get news on them. Just turn off their “notifications.” You’re a big boy (or girl). You can make decisions for yourself. And you can protest and vote. But as you stop getting your opinion reaffirmed on your screen every 10 minutes, and instead read the AP, everyone will begin talking to one another again. Provided everyone does this.

Here were the headlines on the morning of Wednesday, March 28. I list Fox (championing the right) and The New York Times (championing the left.) And then I list the AP.

I also offer my thoughts and interpretations about what these headlines mean in parenthesis after each Fox and The New York Times headline.


Deaths of dairy farmer, son in silo horror highlight risks taken by the families who feed us. (Dan: We love our American farmers.)

Illegal immigrant cop killer smiles at sentencing, victims’ families grin back. (Dan: True Americans will put up with nothing from those bad hombres.)

Farrakhan’s Fold? Firebrand’s backers plan anti-Trump march, test of mainstream leaders. (Dan: Alert! Alert! The Democrats are bringing back these troublemakers.)

Can people be asked if they’re citizens on the 2020 census? (Dan: No problem there.)

How did the FBI miss warning signs from the Pulse shooter? (Dan: We’d have none of these shootings if the FBI did its job.)

Trump fires back after retired SCOTUS justice’s call to nix Second Amendment. (Dan: Our powerful President misses nothing.)

Veteran kills himself in VA hospital waiting room as embattled agency reels. (Dan: The mess inherited from Obama is HUGE.)

The New York Times

President Trump says that the Second Amendment “will never be repealed.” (Dan: Never, ever. Not even when the Earth falls into the sun.)

A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder. (Dan: All Trump’s fault doing nothing about hacking—because it helps him WIN.)

Roseanne Conner, Like Her Creator, Is a Trump Supporter. (Dan: Horrors! Another person bamboozled.)

I was Kind to Nikolas Cruz. He Still Killed My Friends. (Dan: Get all guns out of reach. Nothing else works. And it’s true.)

States Take on Trump Over a Census Change Seen as Political. (Dan: We have to gang up on Trump’s idiot plan.)

Trump Secures Trade Deal with South Korea. (Dan: Okay, we’ll give Trump one. But that’s it.)

Kim Met Xi in Secret Beijing Visit. (Dan: They’re plotting. Trump will fail.)

App to Harvest Data on Facebook Had Tie to a Thiel Company. (Dan: Thiel is a billionaire nut-job Trump supporter.)

The Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower told British lawmakers that data-mining swung the Brexit Vote. (Dan: And guess who stole the presidential election? Treason!)

Sessions and Kushner Square Off and Prisoners Hang in the Balance. (Dan: More Trump chaos, and the disadvantaged suffer.)

Famous for ‘You’re Fired,’ Trump Offers V.A. Chief Silence. (Dan: And the VA catastrophe continues.)

Associated Press

Kim, Xi Portray Strong Ties After NKorea Leader’s China Visit.

Kim Jong Un’s China Visit may be start of his world travels.

Trump: Good chance North Korean leader will do ‘what is right.’

Attorney for porn star seeks to depose Trump on payment.

Maryland redistricting case comes before Supreme Court.

Does Omarosa now bow down to Trump after criticizing him?

Selfie medicine: Phone apps push people to take their pills.

Trump says Second Amendment won’t be repealed.

Pakistan’s first trans TV anchor hopes to change perceptions.

Palestinians prepare mass demonstrations along Gaza border.

Islamic State haunts northern Iraq months after its defeat.

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