Meet Sag Harbor 1957–60 U.S. Navy Veteran John Phillip Capello

USA Warrior Stories, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to recording and archiving veteran interviews, recently shared Sag Harbor resident John Philip Capello’s story.

Capello, a self-taught stone sculptor and Brooklyn native, served in the U.S. Navy from 1957–60. This video features the veteran sharing his experiences in the Navy, which included work on the U.S.S. Sagacity (MSO-469), an Agile-class minesweeper, patrolling the Mediterranean for mines leftover from World War II. He was also stationed as a shore patrolman with the Carabinieri in Augusta, Sicily and spent time in Beirut, Lebanon. He’s lived in Sag Harbor for 30 years.

This interview, recorded by Bob Beres, details Capello’s experiences while in the Navy.

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