Cops Say Woman Stabbed Boyfriend

Independent/ T. E. McMorrow
Susana Carolina Flores-Guzman, shown here waiting to be arraigned, was charged with felony assault for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the arm.

An East Hampton woman is facing a felony assault charge after allegedly stabbing her boyfriend in the upper right arm Thursday morning. The man, whose name has not yet been released by the police, was then driven by the woman to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, where his wound was closed with seven stitches, according to comments made by assistant district attorney Jamie Greenwood at the May 25 arraignment of Susana Carolina Flores-Guzman, 33.

The two live on Three Mile Harbor Road with their two toddler children. Sheila Mullavey from the Legal Aid Society represented Flores-Guzman at her arraignment before East Hampton Town Justice Lisa R. Rana. It was held in the Sag Harbor Village Justice Court. Justice Rana also serves in that capacity in Sag Harbor Village and had a busy court calendar there that morning.

The alleged knife wound was the end-result of an altercation that had its roots in the boyfriend arriving home Thursday, May 24, at 1 AM, according to the police. Angered, Flores-Guzman reportedly told the boyfriend to sleep in a spare bedroom. Before going to bed, the man emptied his pockets. Among the items he placed on a side table before he went to sleep was a folding knife that he uses on his job as a landscaper.

When he awoke the next morning, Flores-Guzman was reportedly in the room. She allegedly began berating him while holding the knife, now unfolded. She stepped toward him, and her boyfriend turned his shoulder at the last moment, which she stabbed, the police said.

According to Detective Sgt. Daniel Toia, Flores-Guzman then drove the boyfriend to Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. It was a quiet ride. Officials at the emergency room contacted police when they realized the boyfriend had a knife wound. Police then interviewed the man, leading to the arrest of Flores-Guzman. Arrested early afternoon Thursday, charged with felony assault, as well as a misdemeanor weapons possession charge, she spent the night in an East Hampton Town police holding cell.

The arraignment Friday was particularly unusual, in that the alleged victim was sitting in the courtroom. Justice Rana asked if Flores-Guzman wanted Legal Aid to be appointed as her permanent attorney. “I don’t have money,” she replied through an interpreter.

Mullavey told the court that Flores-Guzman did not work, because she is a stay-at-home mom. The boyfriend then stood up, wanting to address the court. He said that he did not want to press charges. Justice Rana replied that charges had already been brought by the police. “You do not get to choose,” Justice Rana said. The assistant district attorney asked for three orders of protection, one for the boyfriend, the other two for the children.

Greenwood then took the alleged victim, along with a translator, into a conference room, where they remained for some time. When they emerged, Greenwood told the court she still wanted the three court orders issued. Justice Rana agreed. She told Flores-Guzman she had to stay away from the three protected parties, unless and until her order is modified by a judge in either Family or Superior Court.

Justice Rana said that United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement had issued a request to detain Flores-Guzman for 48 hours past the time she was scheduled to be released.
Greenwood asked bail be set at $7,500, saying Flores-Guzman has few ties to the community. Mullavey responded, “He has indicated he is not interested in this case,” referring to the alleged victim.

Pointing to the seriousness of the charges, and the lack of strong ties, Justice Rana set bail at $6,000; $5,000 for the felony charge and an additional $1,000 for a misdemeanor criminal weapons possession charge. Bail was posted at police headquarters, and she apparently was released by police, despite the detainer request.

A Northwest Woods man, Klever Fabian Barrera-Hoyos, 33, is facing a felony cocaine possession charge, as well as a misdemeanor drunken driving charge, after a traffic stop Sunday morning. According to police, Barrera-Hoyos was headed north on Three Mile Harbor Road in a 2016 Nissan at 65 miles per hour, where the speed limit is 40. He also swerved into the oncoming lane of traffic, the police said. He appeared intoxicated to the officer, who had him perform sobriety tests, which police say Barrera-Hoyos failed.

Charged with drunken driving, he was taken to headquarters, where a breath test came back with a 0.13 of one percent reading, over the 0.08 number that defines intoxication.

Much more serious, legally, for Barrera-Hoyos, is what happened next. According to the police, when they went through his property, they found, in his wallet, a plastic bag containing more than a half gram of cocaine, leading to the felony possession charge.

Police found the drug, they said, after 9 AM, which was too late for Barrera-Hoyos to be arraigned that morning. He spent the next 24 hours in a holding cell at headquarters before being brought to East Hampton Town Justice Court to be arraigned Memorial Day morning. Bail was set at $1,000, which was posted by relatives of Barrera-Hoyos.

A Bridgehampton man was arrested by East Hampton Village police Friday morning. Jose Francisco Bonilla, 36, was charged with two misdemeanors, forcible touching as well as endangering the welfare of a child, along with a violation charge of harassment. According to the police, he was in Hampton Market when, at about 9 AM, he slapped a teenaged girl’s buttocks twice. She was under 17, police said. He also was arrested too late to be arraigned that day.

After 24 hours in a holding cell at East Hampton Village headquarters, he was arraigned, then released on $2,500 bail.

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