Hampton Sun Brings The Scent Of Summer

Hampton Sun, the well-known suncare line, was inspired by the beaches of the East End.

The company’s signature scent, Privet Bloom, was created to evoke the spirit of the Hamptons. Privet, which can be found lining many properties, blooms once a year in the early summer. The recreated scent captures of the aroma of the blossoms, mixed with the natural sea spray and dune grass of the nearby beaches. Hampton Sun calls it The Scent of Summer.

Recently, Hampton Sun launched a home fragrance collection. Indy sat down with company founder Salvatore Piazzolla to get the low down.

What inspired you to create a home fragrance collection?
Since the birth of Hampton Sun, the community has always commented on how beautiful the scents of our SPF products were. It only felt natural for our next step to be launching a perfume. Since then, Privet Bloom became the number-one selling fragrance of the Hamptons.

It has always been our vision, being we are a lifestyle brand, to create this home collection, which we are launching now. We have a candle, room spray, and diffuser. For the body, a shower gel that is really exfoliating and a body lotion that is very hydrating without the greasy feel, all with the captivating fragrance of Privet Bloom.

Tell us a little about how you created the scent of summer.
One of the biggest things I focused on when we started Hampton Sun in 2005 was a signature scent. It had to smell like we were in the Hamptons. When my fragrance house asked what we wanted, the only thing that came to mind was the privet hedge in bloom. It reminds me of riding my bike to the beach and smelling the little white flower buds that bloom for two to three weeks in the summer along the way.

It is almost indescribable. My fragrance guy from New Jersey, being unfamiliar with the scent, joined us out here to capture it. It’s a fresh, clean, memorable scent. It’s well balanced, not overpowering, with notes of white hyacinth, jasmine, lily of the valley, sea spray, and dune musk.

What products are included in the home collection? Do you have a favorite?
For the home we will have a candle ($38), room spray ($42), and diffuser ($50). They are a great way to transport yourself to a summer day in the Hamptons with the ocean breeze blowing through the privet blossom hedges, passing the soft white flowing curtains, and into your home — no matter the time, day, or place.

My favorite would have to be the room diffuser. It gives any room the constant fresh scent of Privet Bloom. I use the candle in the evening to illuminate my home, set a tranquil mood, and relax.

What are some of your favorite places on the East End? 
One of my favorite places is Coopers Beach. My perfect summer day would start by waking up, having coffee, going for a swim in the pool, and catching up on emails and Instagram @hamptonsun.

On the weekends, I then head to the beach. Coopers is my beach. I get there at 11 AM or so, and just relax for a few hours. Then visit with friends, whether it be a backyard barbecue, at a restaurant (my favorite place is Tutto il Giorno in Southampton), or attending a stylish Hamptons party. I mostly love to enjoy the Hamptons fresh air and the sunny beaches with friends and family.

For more info visit www.hamptonsuncare.com.

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