Melissa McCarthy Apologizes to Jennifer Lopez for Aggressive Dance-Off

During an appearance on Ellen Friday, Life of the Party funny lady Melissa McCarthy apologized to Water Mill icon Jennifer Lopez for her ‘aggressive’ dancing at Ellen Degeneres‘s 60th birthday party.

After McCarthy and Ellen discussed the actress’s bizarre hoodie with Ellen’s face on it, they looked over a hilarious series of photos from the night in question.

Ellen told McCarthy that JLo said, “You’re the most aggressive dancer she’s ever seen in her life.” Quite a feat, considering the former In Living Color Fly Girl has seen her fair share of dancing.

Cringing, McCarthy looked to the camera to address Lopez directly. “Miss Lopez, I’d like to say I’m sorry,” she said, adding, “But I’m sorry, there’s something about when you’re in the same room with her that you’re just like, ‘This is my one shot!'”

At the event, as seen in the photos, McCarthy said she grabbed Lopez and pretended to be her security guard, pushing people out of their way as she B-lined to the dance floor.

“Oh, God!” McCarthy groaned as she viewed a shot of her busting a move as leggy Lopez gives her a sidelong glance. “She looks amazing and poised, and then it’s like, what’s that little leprechaun doing over there?”

For her part, Ellen, who’s also quite a dancer, pointed out that McCarthy can actually cut a rug. “You’re an amazing dancer—you really are,” she said to McCarthy. “You’re an incredible dancer.”

“I think shocking dancer,” McCarthy replied. “Somehow, when I hit a dance floor and there may be three drinks in me…I’m like, ‘I should do this professionally.”

Finally, Ellen revealed another shot showing her joining McCarthy, though it appears Lopez had already fled the scene.

“You were so fun. You did warn me that you would be aggressive and you would be out there, and you were, and you came through,” Ellen said, noting that everyone at the party was talking about that moment between Lopez and McCarthy.

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