Pro Surfer Finds New Spot in Montauk

Quincy Davis by Ladyslider.
Quincy Davis by Ladyslider.

Montauk native Quincy Davis has traveled the world, touring in pro surf competitions. Always inspired by art, fashion, and design she is now opening Quincy x MTK, a curated shopping space in her hometown of Montauk. The Independent spoke with Davis about her surfing career, the new shop, her charitable work, and a surf camp for girls she is hosting this summer.

Give us a little background on your career as a pro surfer.
I started surfing at age six. I grew up spending my entire days at the beach with my family and my mom, dad, and brother loved to surf. I was hooked, and soon I was going with my friends to surf contests along the East Coast.

I began doing well, traveling to compete, and was sponsored at age 12. I surfed for the USA team and went to World Juniors in Bali, placing third. It was never a very planned out career; it just became my life due to the fact that surfing was all I wanted to do.

I’m lucky to call it a job. Some of my best friendships have been made through surfing.

Tell us about your new shop, Quincy x MTK.
The store is in the heart of my hometown Montauk, and I have been in love with the location for years. It’s a quaint little space with cedar shingles and French doors that lead to an outside courtyard. In a way, it’s always reminded me of my surfboard shed my dad built for me — minus the French doors — and that’s why my store sign is a Q, just like my surf shack.

My first thought when creating my store was to have a home for brands and products that reflect my lifestyle and that I use day to day. I also wanted to create an opportunity for brands to be able to have access to what is so magical about Montauk in the summer — create a home for them to come to Quincy, host an event, and create an experience for locals and visitors.

What are some items you plan on carrying in the curated shopping space?
I’m curating the space with some of my favorite brands from swim and beauty, brands that complement the lifestyle of being outside all day and in and out of the water. Summertime is all about a relaxed sense of style and ease with your self. But there will also be special little treats, like my own jewelry line, and the most deliciously scented body oils and candles, and cozy throws.

How and when did you become interested in fashion?
Ever since I can remember, my mom always put together a great outfit and loves to dress up. A great outfit makes you feel so good, and I love that part of it, the confidence boost. Whenever I travel, I’m most interested in seeing the styles and clothes other girls are wearing and how they accessorize.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to co-design a capsule collection with my sponsor Volcom at age 16 and loved the process. I’m working on various collaborations right now for the store and it’s so exciting. Every one is a different creative experience and I love it.

What are some of the environmental charities you are involved in?
As I’ve recently made the decision to take a step back from the competitive tour, my travels are more focused on editorial and humanitarian efforts. My second home is Rincon in Puerto Rico and I recently came back from a trip organized by Free People in support of Waves 4 Water’s efforts to provide clean water to parts of the country still deeply affected by the wrath of the hurricane.

It was a very special feeling to take part in providing safe drinking water to families and schools still so terribly affected. When you see people denied of their most basic necessities, you can’t help but want to do something.

Tell us about the Austin Surf Camp summer surf clinics.
This summer I’m hosting a surf camp for girls with Austin’s Surf Camp. When I was a young girl, there weren’t nearly as many girls in the water as there are now. I competed against boys a lot of the time.

I get so stoked when I go down to some of the beaches here and see how many young girls there are truly loving surfing and being in the water all day, just like how I grew up. I am really honored that some of them look up to me and I am excited to be in the water with them.

I am planning to do some fun activities for the girls focusing on the importance of movement and fitness and how that connects to your happiness.

Where are some of your favorite spots in Montauk?
The lighthouse. It has a special place in my heart as it’s one of my favorite waves. Crows Nest is my favorite summer time restaurant, and the beach bar is so fun! Happy Bowls, my brother’s acai shop, I highly recommend. Nothing beats a refreshing and healthy bowl on a hot summer day, you’ll thank me later!

Ditch Witch for a wave check and good cup of coffee. Surf Lodge for concerts of course. Ok, there’s just a few. I can’t give away all my secrets!

What has growing up in Montauk taught you?
To be grateful. Its beauty is awe-inspiring every day and I couldn’t be luckier to live here. The surfing community is very close and I have about 15 older brothers. There is no place like home!

The store will open mid-June. For more information on Austin’s Surf Camp visit Visit Quincy x MTK at 805 Montauk Highway in Montauk. Follow @quincymtk.

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