Summer Beauty Trends That Are “In” on the East End

Applying blush, Photo:
Applying blush, Photo:

Summer on the East End—it’s one of the best times of the year because our skin (and our hair for that matter!) can finally breathe again. After months of having to pack layers of moisturizer onto our faces and of using anti-drying shampoo and conditioner in the shower, summertime glam is all about embracing the shine of our natural, sun-tanned faces.

In fact, dewy skin is in. Gone are the days of working against the natural sheen of our skin, especially in the summer heat with all the sweating and blotting. This summer, everyone will be using highlighter and illuminator to embrace their natural radiance. No heavy makeup necessary—forego the layers of foundation, contouring and concealer. Moisturizing, rose water mist and brightening serums are essential to encouraging collagen cell turnover, which is key to creating a natural glow.

Bare skin and brushed brows are the look of the summer. Eyebrows have been a thing for while now, but during the warmer months, consider not filling them in as often. Instead, 2018 is the year of the natural, grown-in brows, so cancel your monthly waxing or threading appointment. Grow them out and simply brush them up before leaving the house—the natural look. Speaking of natural, this trend also goes well with bare skin. Skip the foundation and toss out your bronzer; embrace your bare face in all its beauty!

Halo braids take the plait trend and turn it up a notch—a glam notch! The effortless and whimsical nature of halo braids makes them the perfect go-to hairstyle for summer. Not only will your hair be impervious to potential summertime factors (wind, water, heat), but it will also look chic at the beach, glam at the bar and all-around classic.

Beachy waves are the favored hair texture this year, with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Laverne Cox and Blake Lively rocking wet-looking, mermaid-like waves. Just-left-the-ocean, glossy waves can go from day to nighttime with their beachy, casual vibes and can transcend into glam territory with a classic red lip.

Laverne Cox looking majestic with long, wavy hair, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM
Laverne Cox looking majestic with long, wavy hair, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

Blunt bob is the new “long hair, don’t care.” A drastically blunt cut might seem difficult to pull off, but it’s been around since the early 1900s and in recent runway shows has been showing up over and over. Get choppy or longer—also known as the long bob, the “lob.” Put your own personal spin on the hairstyle trend somehow.

Cherry red is the only nail color you’ll need this season. The candy-colored hue is a timeless staple—not to mention the choice of tons of stylists and fashion designers on the runway earlier this year (namely Armani). Red nails signify classic glam, as well as confidence and independence, so grab your OPI’s Big Apple Red, Fashion a Bow, or Essie’s Jelly Apple and engage in some much-needed East End retail therapy.

Sandy-smoky is the smoky eye trend of the late aughts, reimagined. Instead of using mostly black and other dark shades to create the “smoky” effect on your lids, the sandy-smoky eye is the next “in” thing. Create the look yourself by using multiple shades from a nude to a brown eye palette. Focusing on the shimmer directly underneath the brow bone is the most important part of making this look work.

Rose gold eye shadow is the go-to shade of the summer. For nights on the town, slap some liquid rose gold eye shadow over the lids for a youthful yet current look. Rose gold has been a genuinely loved trend in nearly every other vertical: houseware, nail colors, jewelry, clothing and more. Now, it’s made its way to our eyelids and it couldn’t make more of a glamorous, Hampton-esque statement.

Aqua eyes—wait, what?! While most of the other East End beauty trends this year focus on embracing natural beauty, there’s one that encourages a bit of spice: aqua eyeliner. We blame the beachy waves vibe for putting mermaids on the map. Use bright teal eyeliner to intensify your nighttime look and give your makeup a fresh, on-trend pop of unforgettable color.

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