Joy Behar Injured in Avocado Mishap Before The Retreat Gala Saturday

After taking Monday off from The View, Sag Harbor homeowner Joy Behar returned to the show and explained her absence was due to an avocado mishap.

She shared the story, which occurred on Saturday night before she attended The Retreat’s All Against Abuse gala on Saturday, June 9 at The Muses in Southampton. Behar counts The Retreat, which provides services for victims of domestic violence, among her favorite charities.

“I stabbed myself in the hand with a knife. I was trying to desperately eat something, so I was trying to open up an avocado and I stuck the knife in the pit to get it out…and I stabbed myself,” Behar said. “I had never had pain quite so intense—it was awful.”

Behar went on to explain that she’s very accident prone. “Apparently there is a syndrome called ‘avocado hand,’ it’s real…bagels also,” she said, recounting her visit to the hospital. “They put me in the hospital overnight,” she added, noting that she had an infection and was on an antibiotic drip every six hours, but “now I’m better.”

To mark her return to The View, and to commemorate her avocado incident, Behar’s cohosts gave her a plastic avocado slicer and a knife-resistant glove.

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