LongHouse Salon on the Lawn

Dakota Cafourek, Nico Yektai, Max Bonbrest, Sarah Duke, Tripoli Patterson, Janice Hummel, Nick Martin, Blair Gazza, Kari Morris

The second annual Salon on the Lawn, organized by LongHouse Reserve’s Junior Council, was held on Saturday, May 26. This year’s theme, “The Curator’s Collection,” included immersive art curated by Tripoli Patterson of Southampton’s Tripoli Gallery. The evening featured works from artists including Aakash Nihalani, Quentin Curry, and Benjamin Keating. LongHouse Reserve’s Junior Council Co-Chairs were Mariah Whitmore and Sarah Duke. Attendees included Lea Michele and Zandy Reich, Sarah Duke and Washington Duke, Blair Gazza, Joey Wolffer and Max Rohn, Sherri Donghia, and Anne Sherwood Pundyk.

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