A Beach Body Starts With Beach Bowls

Amanda Goldberg and Samantha Haufsk are the co-founders of a new healthy eatery in Bridgehampton, Hamptons Beach Bowls. Located in the former storefront of Tony Meatball, the duo officially opened its doors the last week of June.

Goldberg and Haufsk met while working for Goldberg’s family at Goldberg’s Bagels, a familiar name popping up all across the East End. Together they worked alongside Denise Goldberg, who taught the women an “old school food ethic,” said Amanda Goldberg. As a pescatarian and healthy eater, Goldberg wanted a place where customers didn’t need to modify their meals. As the name denotes, the açai and pitaya bowls have been the biggest hits, with eggplant “meatballs” pulling a close second. With the changing of seasons will be a revolving menu, aiming to keep produce fresh and food weather appropriate — think a bowl of hot soup in the middle of winter.

The eatery strives to have “everything made to order, fresh and delicious. We use the best ingredients and as few ingredients as we can,” said Goldberg. “We really want to offer a clean place to eat . . . not overthinking what goes in your salads, but offering a straightforward place where anyone [with] any type of lifestyle can enjoy.”

Hamptons Beach Bowls’ granola is a highly requested nosh, with a recipe handcrafted by Goldberg. The recipe is so popular, that her family’s stores have begun incorporating into their offerings as well.

Ingredients are listed on the menu board, and are all locally sourced. Nutritional information is available upon request.

Follow the eatery on social media @HamptonsBeachBowls, visit 2462 Main Street in Bridgehampton, or call 631-899-4340.

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