Montauk Real Estate by the Numbers: July 2018

Montauk Lighthouse by the numbers

Our sister site and monthly magazine, Behind the Hedges (, offers an index of Montauk real estate and more by the numbers for July 2018. Read these tidbits and factoids, and feel satisfied knowing a little bit more than most about East End properties, history and more. Or, store them deep in your brain now and impress friends and colleagues at cocktail parties later.

Price East Hampton trustees paid Montauketts for land, 1687: £100

Price Arthur Benson paid for Montauk, 1879: $151,000
$151,000 adjusted for inflation in 2018 dollars: $3,805,034

Price Long Island Rail Road President Austin Corbin and Vice President Charles Pratt
pay Benson heirs for 4,000 acres of Montauk, 1895: $200,000
$200,000 adjusted for inflation in 2018 dollars: $5,999,738

Price Carl Fisher paid for Montauk, 1925: $2.5 million
$2.5 million adjusted for inflation in 2018 dollars: $35,998,428
Asking price of 44 Foxboro Road, Montauk, Fisher’s own house, 2018: $9.5 million

Price Edward Albee paid for Montauk house, 1962: $40,000
Asking price for Albee property, 2018: $20 million

Year First House was built, for keepers of pastured animals: 1744
Year First House burned down: 1909

Year Second House was built: 1746
Year Second House burned down: 1797

Year Third House was built: 1747
Year Third House burned down: 1806

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