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Support East End Hospice at the 18th Annual Box Art Auction

These artists think outside the box.

Giancarlo Impiglia's Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice
Giancarlo Impiglia’s Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice

The 18th Annual Box Art Auction, benefiting East End Hospice in East Hampton, will be held on August 25 from 4:30–8 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 18 James Lane in East Hampton. The event features prominent East End artists who transform a wine or cigar box to create unique, collectible works of art. These will be included in one of two auctions—one silent, the other live. Among the art forms incorporated this year are ceramics, sculpture, painting, collage, assemblage and needlework on fabric.

Dennis Leri's Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice
Dennis Leri’s Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice

An auction preview will be held Wednesday and Thursday, August 22 and 23 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. at St. Luke’s Hoie Hall, and a free “Meet the Artists” preview reception will take place on August 22 from 5–7 p.m.

Eighty-five East End artists—yes 85!—are participating in this year’s event, 10 of whom have participated every year since the auction’s inception and 10 new participants.

Margery Gosnell Qua's Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice
Margery Gosnell Qua’s Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice

Among the artists are Alice Hope, Carol Hunt, Dennis Leri, Christa Maiwald, Fulvio Massi, Gabriele Raacke, Hans Van de Bovenkamp, Dan Welden and Frank Wimberley. And some Dan’s Papers cover artists, including Margery Gosnell Qua, who has created eight pieces for the auction since 2011. Each year, she paints an image from whatever series she’s been working on to create a sort of natural progression of her work. This year, she’s painted a scene of Beaver Dam Creek in Westhampton. “The important mission that East End Hospice provides is a godsend to the community,” she says, adding, “It’s heartwarming to be part of the community of artists who have donated works to the facility. I’m so happy that I too have something to give. This is the stuff that life is made of.”

Daniel Pollera's Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice
Daniel Pollera’s Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice

Another Dan’s Papers cover artist, Daniel Pollera, who has been participating in the Auction for more than 10 years, says, “We had the opportunity to have East End Hospice help us when my father in-law was in his last days, and without them it would have been very difficult. It’s a great service to families of our community who need the help during difficult times.”

Frank Wimberley's Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice
Frank Wimberley’s Art Box, Photo: Courtesy East End Hospice

The Box Art Auction benefits East End Hospice, which provides care and comfort for terminally ill patients, their families and loved ones living on the North and South Forks, including Brookhaven Township. East End Hospice also seeks to promote awareness of the benefits of hospice care in our communities through educational and informational presentations to civic, fraternal and religious groups, professional organizations and educational institutions.

During the event, the special Spirit of the Community Award will be presented to the Very Reverend Denis C. Brunelle of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

For more info on East End Hospice and the Box Art Auction, visit

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