Liev Schreiber Returns as Ray Donovan in Season Six Trailer

Ray Donovan Season 6
Ray Donovan Season 6, Photo: Courtesy Showtime

A season six trailer for Montauk actor Liev Schreiber‘s Showtime crime drama Ray Donovan was released this week, and it looks intense. The series is set to return for a 12-episode season on October 28.

The sixth season opens with the title character, portrayed by Schreiber, attempting to rebuild both his professional and personal life in New York City. After Mac, a cop played by Domenick Lombardozzi, saves him from an attempted suicide jump into the East River, he brings him into the fraternity that is the Staten Island Police Department where Ray must navigate this unfamiliar world of brotherhood and corruption. Ray must once again work for media mogul Sam Winslow, again played by Susan Sarandon. Sam is partnered with New York City mayoral candidate Anita Novak, portrayed by Lola Glaudini, which will put Ray at odds with his new friends at the Staten Island PD.

The trailer for the upcoming season shows Ray attacking Mac for foiling his attempted suicide; his father Mickey, played by Jon Voight, suffering from a heart attack; and his shady introduction to his latest client. A core focus of the arc appears to be Ray’s continued struggles to accept the death of his wife Abby, played by Paula Malcomson. The trailer can be seen below. It is somewhat violent, so viewer beware.

Ray Donovan revolves around Ray’s work as a “fixer” for the Hollywood elite: celebrities, athletes and business moguls. In this case “fixing” means making the problems go away with threats, bribes, blackmail or other shady dealings. A rapid chain of events is set off when his father is released from prison, and the FBI decides to take down Ray and his associates.

Season six premieres on Showtime on Sunday, October 28 at 9 p.m. The entire series is available for streaming on

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