Young Lifeguards Take To The Beach

The East Hampton Junior Lifeguards went full throttle this past weekend for their annual competition at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett, despite being almost rained out on Saturday morning.

“I am always thrilled when these young children hit the ocean,” said organizer John Ryan, noting that Saturday was not a calm day, but Sunday was and there was no difference in the way the young guards competed. “They did all they could with all the waves, currents, and rips to get the task done and get to the victim.”

The team of Colin Schaffer, Matt DiSuno, Joey Badilla, and Owen McCormack took first place in the Group A landline event. In the Boys A Group Ironguard event, Wyatt Schaeffer took first place, Ely Dickson, second, and Joey Badia, third. In A Group Girls, Sophia Swanson took first place, Caroline Brown, second, and Dasha Leus, third place, respectively.

In B group Boys, Rodan McKenna took first place, with Nick Badia coming in second, and Tenzin Tamang following in third place. In the B Group Girls, Ava Soldo came in first place, with Camryn Hatch following in second, and Braylon Bushman in third place. In C Group Boys, Liam Knight came in first place, Luke Castillo in second, and Raphael Schori in third. In C Group Girls, Gigi Michaels came in first place, Daisy Hitches in second, and Chloe Resnick in third.

Ely Dickson, Wyatt Shaeffer, Bobby Whitman, and Edmond Massey took first place in the A Group Boys division Paddle Board Race. In B Group, it was the team of Chloe Coleman, Kyle Massey, Luke Delaney, and Henry Murphy. In C Group, the team of Gigi Michaels, Hannah Delaney, Lily Nye, and Amelia King took first place.

Matthew DiSuno, Owain McCormack, Colin Schaefer, and Will McGaugh came in first place in the Sprint Run Relay for the A Group Boys Division; Nick Badia, Rodan McKenna, Tzen Taman, and Aidan McCormack took first place place in B Group, and the C Group winners were Dylan Cashin, Aly Schaefer, Luke Castillo, and Khalila Martin.

In the torpe rescue event, Joey Badia and Kevin Pineda came in first place in Group A; Nick Badia and Rodan McKenna came in first in Group B; and Chloe Resnick and Dylan Cashin came in first place in Group C. Aidan McCormack, Luke Ferraro, and Hunter Whitman took first place in their respective divisions in the boys beach flags event. In Girls Beach Flags, Lizzie Neville took first place in Group A, followed by Alyssa Brabant and Ali Schaefer in groups B and C, respectively.


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