Founded by thee friends, Geoff Schneider, a competitive golfer, Rob Parillo, a serious runner, and Stefan Matte, who was just looking to improve his overall health, LYMBR was created with the intention to rebuild the body through massage and stretch therapy. It increases flexibility, mobility, and stress relief for people of all ages, levels of flexibility, and athleticism. With several locations already on both the east and west coasts, this past summer LYMBR arrived in Southampton. Walk into the comfortable atmosphere of a perfectly chilled room with brick walls and up-tempo music to find several chairs and massage tables.

Each staff member is nationally certified before attending a 120-hour LYMBR Academy Training. Emilia Caligiuri is an East End native, currently residing in Sag Harbor year-round, and my personal trainer for the day. I explain I have a sore neck, from long drives and hours on the computer, in addition to sore muscles from going a little too hard with weights at the gym. She directs me to a table for me to lay down and places a strap over my middle section to keep my hips in place at all times. Then, she begins to guide my lower body from side to side, up and down, in a repetitive flow of guided stretching. After the table, she sits me in a chair and continues the same form with my neck, shoulders, and arms.

Who benefits from this kind of stretch?

The work we do at LYMBR is beneficial to almost everyone. For athletes, we provide proper preparation and recovery specific to their needs.

Our work aids in acceleration and recovery from stiffness, soreness, and injury. It also helps prepare the body for activity. Many of our clients come to the studio before their long training run, their tennis match, or their round of golf — and some come back after for recovery. For those playing sports, many see an increase in their performance.

On the other end, our weekends and evenings are busy with professionals suffering from tech neck, pains from poor posture, and stiffness from inactivity. Even a segment of clients we call active gaining who see us as a way to almost turn back the clock on how their body feels.

How is this different than going to a chiropractor or getting a massage?

LYMBR focuses on aligning the muscular system. Chiropractic focuses on aligning the skeletal system and massage can be used for soft tissue manipulation. LYMBR works in perfect conjunction with both. Our clients come to us for three main reasons: relaxation, performance, or recovery.

Many express a feeling of deep relaxation during and after a session, which is an added benefit to the improvement they experience in stress and tension relief, posture alignment, and lengthening of muscles.

How does your stretching method differ from traditional stretching?

The LYMBR Method is our own proprietary stretching technique called Progressive Dynamic Stretching. It’s about continual movement giving us the ability to focus on individual muscles as well as the connection of the muscular and myofascial connection across the body. More traditional stretching focuses on a static hold of the stretch and only targets large muscle groups.

Ours works to lengthen the muscles, increase blood flow and space within the joint, leading to greater flexibility and decreased tension in the body. Clients feel the results immediately, feeling taller, more grounded, more relaxed, and able to move with ease.

By the end of my session, tension in my legs had disappeared and the apparently uneven shoulders I had (according to my doctor) had temporarily evened out. Last, due to all the toxins released during my joint and muscles being opened, I was very thirsty. Overall, I felt longer and a wider range of movement in my body.

As I was leaving, the next client coming through the door was a 70-something-year-old woman, proving that LYMBR doesn’t discriminate and can benefit all types. In my opinion, it should be a medical requirement for overall health.

Recommendations are to come in multiple times a week to speed up recovery. Typical recommendation is once a week to maintain routine. If you can’t make it into the studio during the week, there is a [email protected] program, bringing the studio on-site to stretch employees.

LYMBR is at The Spur @ The Station at 280 Elm Street in Southampton. Call 631-488-4566, email [email protected], or visit for more info.

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