Summer Round Up


Summer 2018, is that you? You left us so quickly! As we bid farewell to another summer season, I can’t help but share the sigh of relief many of us East Enders feel after Tumbleweed Tuesday, welcoming the quiet after the storm. More specifically, I can’t wait for colder weather after, what seems like, an endless summer of heat waves. Thinking back to my many fitness excursions and wellness activities over the season, there are so many that pushed my limits. Equally, there are many I missed out on.

In a brief summer of IndyFit recap, it’s safe to say the fitness industry is turning up the heat when it comes to working out in a studio. The days of cold air conditioning cooling the body while you sweat with an instructor are gone. In its place are increased temperatures and humidity to push all mental and physical boundaries. It takes adjusting, it takes discipline, and it certainly takes a lot out of you.

With this is mind, it’s important to find a class that fits your personal balance of tolerable movements and increased motivation, otherwise you might as well hit an infrared sauna. Another trend on the rise is incorporating yoga stretches or meditation prior or post class. You don’t have to be a yogi to obtain the benefits of a yoga class anymore. The evolution of fitness has taken these practices as a means to connect the mind, body and soul.

Over the course of the past four months I proudly considered myself part of the #TruTribe at TruFusion in Southampton — promoting equal parts warrior and goddess. It will be opening up a SoHo location in NYC by the end of 2018. The Barn in Bridgehampton proved to be a fitness paradise, hosting two workouts that inspired me on opposite ends of the spectrum. Taryn Toomey’s The Class helped me find my meditation amid continuous movements, something I only associated with yoga. It was a perfect dose of calming energy to go with a well-deserved workout.

SoulCycle’s spin off the bike in its Torch’d class could be best described as quintessentially summer in the Hamptons. It turned up the heat, the beat, and the repetitions, none of which would be possible without instructor Isaac Calpito. The DanceBody team, led by Katia Pryce and her band of empowered women, created an atmosphere of camaraderie in the room for those who need a partner to motivate themselves to go to the gym. This was certainly the team to inspire that.

Unfortunately, the whole summer passed without experiencing any Montauk workouts (not including my annual hike by the cliffs); The Surf Lodge, Ruschmeyers, The Montauk Beach House, and Gurneys. What would a summer workout be without getting in shape on the beach? Up for the future will be Minardi Training’s Beach Workout. What I miss most from last summer is Flyboarding with Dane from Hampton Flyboard and paddle boarding with Gina Bradley at Paddle Diva.

As I always say, summer isn’t over until the first leaf falls! Until then, I’ll enjoy the in-between moments.

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