Boo! Outtakes

Christian Braschi, Grade 5, Westhampton Beach Elementary School
Christian Braschi, Grade 5, Westhampton Beach Elementary School

There was a couple on the ship. The women died by faceplanting into the rocks of the Montauk Lighthouse. The man jumped into the water and survived.
– James Walsh, Grade 4 Montauk School

The ghosts said “Throw some water balloons at us.” Then the kids went on a ride that goes up and down and turns them into ghosts.
– Hudson Hanbach, Kindergarten, Hampton Bays Elementary School

It was a dark and foggy day.
– Brayden Fromm, Grade 4, Montauk School

They ran up the all the stairs. Then they saw a zombie. It looked dreadful.The boy screamed we need to jump! He grabbed the girl. But little did they know  there was a pondmonster in the pond below.
-Caitlyn Weimar, Grade 4, Montauk School

Once upon a time there was a place called Montauk and the villains came to destroy  it.
– Jack Mugica, Grade 4, Montauk School

They paddled their boat to the middle of Fort Pond. Gavin caught something! The rod was heavy. They caught a sea monster!!!!!!!
The sea monster bit him and moments later Maggie screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! You look like a sea monster!!”
– Kieran Hildreth, Grade 4, Montauk School

Was he seeing a pickle? But surely that couldn’t be. There was no wa- No, there it was, a hefty green pickle. “What is this doing here?” He mumbled. Hoping it could be a clue, slowly picked it up. It was heavy, much heavier than a pickle should be, even one of this size. He slowly turned it over, rotating it to see if he could find any sort of lead, the payoff could end up being huge, shining his flashlight all the while. Finally, it began to shout, “HEY MORTY!!!!!! I’M A PICKLE!!!”
– Shannon Braun-Gorman, Grade 12, Southampton High School

If you dare to read this go ahead. If you keep on reading this you will have nightmares! I warn you… ARE YOU STILL READING THIS! Ok, If you dare, go ahead I warned you. Every person who read this were scared to death and there nightmares NEVER DISAPPEARED! Shall we begin.
Stafany Naula, 6th grade, East Hampton Middle School

It was Halloween day, I was so excited.  My friend Tom and I were going Trick or Treating together, I was hoping to get lots of vegetables and Tom was hoping to get so much candy.
Hudson Meyer, 6th grade, East Hampton Middle School

Jeffrey is an eight-year-old boy who one day thought it was a good idea to go trick or treating in the woods. C’mon, like what was this kid thinking?! Did he really think
there was going to be candy in the middle of the woods! That’s ridiculous!
Anna Milton, Our Lady of the Hamptons, Riverhead

So, if you are trying to get Vampires away, be sure to give them garlic, but remember: If you want to get Zombies away, THROW DONUT FROSTING AT THEM!!
Jolee White, 3rd grade, Montauk School

Up the stairs, Yuck ran face-to-face with a drippy vampire! The vampire screamed, for Yuck had brandished his onion sandwich. The vampire turned into a bat and flew away.
Nathan Feyh, 5th grade, Amagansett school

When I made it to the attic, I saw Bill Nye the Science Guy!  He turned around and turned into a skeleton! I started to run, but his boney hand grabbed me.
Charlie Stern, 10 years old, Amagansett School

Hi, I am Jamie. I am not going to tell you my last name, because then things will just get weird. I go to East Blood Middle School. I have a lot of enemies. I like that. Because they never last long. If you know what I mean.
Kate McMillan, 7th grade, Springs School


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