First Prize: The Twins

Noah Murphy, Grade 3, Westhampton Beach Elementary School
Noah Murphy, Grade 3, Westhampton Beach Elementary School

Once there were twins, one boy, and one girl. They decided to go swimming at Dead Man’s Cove. The boy wore a blue top, red bottom bathing suit. The girl wore a blue top, American bottom style bathing suit.

When they got to the beach, they had so much fun. They had so much fun that they forgot what time it was. Soon it was almost pitch black. They were shocked that next to them was a pile of identical bathing suits to the ones that the twins were wearing. They were so scared that they ran home. When they tried to find their house, they could not find it because it was so dark. They got lost!!!!

When they finally found it, they opened the door but nothing was on the other side except space. When they looked farther, they saw a replica of their house. So they opened the door to the second house and on the other side of the house was a huge mansion. The twins looked each other in the eyes. After, they decided to go in. When they got in, they were suddenly pulled into a big ball room. In the room, were hundreds maybe even thousands of Gremlins!!!!!! Out of one unusually dark corner came a gremlin , he introduced himself as Chuck. He said that they should get to know the house before we enjoy you . . .

That night there were several blood curdling screams and yells. The twins were never seen again. All that was left were two pairs of bathing suits.

By Finn Mirando
Grade 4, Montauk School

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