East End Legend Paul Mahos Rocks Suffolk Theater on November 2

Paul Mahos, Photo: Rob Rich/Society Allure
Paul Mahos, Photo: Rob Rich/Society Allure

Dan’s Best of the Best Hall of Fame performer Paul Mahos will give a public performance of his mind-blowing “Above and Beyond! A Galactic Journey of Legends” show at the Suffolk Theater in Riverhead on Friday, November 2 at 7:30 p.m., following the invitation-only Dan’s Best of the Best Awards.

Expect one man to embody some of rock’s greatest legends using only a microphone, multimedia displays and a thing known in the business as talent. Expect the unexpected.

What would you say to potential concertgoers?
I don’t think they’ve witnessed anything like this before. This is very different. I call it “galactic” because it’s all a part of that galactic groove thing—these artists I love transcend earthly bounds. I try to capture their essence, I’m not crossing the line into “impersonator.” When I played Bono in Vegas I looked at that as an acting role. That was a whole other thing. And the word “gala” is a part of it—this huge celebration!

How do you find the Dan’s Best of the Best crowds at Suffolk Theater?
There’s nothing but warmth and love. Everybody’s excited because they’re the best of the best! Plus, going there every year, I get to meet a lot of other business owners—I get to meet the best. I’ve gotten a lot of gigs out of it.

How does your series of projections enhance the live concert experience?
Working it out is absolutely a labor of love. I can’t sleep at night. I just went to bed at 7 a.m. [prior to this noon interview]. It’s a true collaboration with my idols, like when Elvis sang with Celine Dion and Nat King Cole sang with his daughter. When David Bowie is up on the big screen and we’re perfectly timed, in sync, it’s like the opposite of karaoke. Technology makes it possible. In the future, holograms will be incredible.

How will this concert differ from the sold-out “Lost Legends” show that you performed at the Southampton Arts Center in 2017?
George Michael, Bowie, Prince—we’re looking to expand beyond the artists lost in 2016. We’ve retooled the show to focus more on the vocals—expect surprises!

Do you find audiences request songs by famous performers more once they have passed on?
For sure, absolutely. You’ll see some people brought to tears at this show. I perform to pay honor and respect in the best way possible.

Who helps you “bring the magic?”
I couldn’t do it without the support of our really great artistic community. Photographers Diana Lee Castagna, Bryan Downey, Sharmilla Reddy; costume designer Kate Darcy; video and tech designers Emre Emirgil and John Trovato; and Dan the Man from High Voltage for special effects.

At press time, tickets were still available for Dan’s 2018 Best of the Best Celebration Concert Featuring Paul Mahos Presented by BNB Bank at BOTBConcert.com. A portion of proceeds from Dan’s 2018 Best of the Best Celebration Concert Featuring Paul Mahos Presented by BNB Bank benefits local veterans’ organizations.

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