Shelter Island Police Department: Stalker Faces Felony Charge

For the third time this year, Shelter Island police have arrested a former resident, Travis Maker. Including an arrest in Southold, he has been charged three times since June with violating a court order. The first two times, he was charged at the misdemeanor level. This time, he is facing a felony charge. Maker previously resided on Shelter Island. Police have since listed him as living in Riverhead and Greenport.

Maker, 36, was first arrested on February 13, after an alleged domestic violence incident with the woman with whom he lived at the time, Shelter Island Police Chief James Read said on September 28. Maker was charged in February with at least two misdemeanors, criminal obstruction of breathing and criminal mischief, for allegedly destroying some of the woman’s property. He was arraigned in the island’s justice court, where an order of protection demanding that he stay away from the alleged victim was issued.

On June 28, he allegedly showed up at her place of employment, and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of violating a court order of protection. When he was processed for the arrest, he was found to be in possession of three different controlled drugs, the police reported, which added three more misdemeanor counts to his docket. He was eventually released on $15,000 bail.

On September 24, he was picked up by Southold police. According to Captain Frank Kruszeski, Maker confronted the woman outside the grounds of the Maritime Festival in Greenport. He was charged in Southold with another misdemeanor charge of violating a court order. However, before that arrest, another incident had allegedly occurred on Shelter Island. In the Shelter Island incident, police accused him of threatening the woman with bodily harm, charging him with stalking and aggravated harassment, both misdemeanors.

However, this time, the criminal contempt charge he was hit with was a felony, since the alleged threat of violence occurred. Shelter Island police picked Maker up in Southold, and brought him back to the island, where he was arraigned on the third set of charges. Bail of $7500 was posted.

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