The Spur Selected For $1M Grant From LIREDC

The Spur, a coworking space and innovation center in Southampton, has been recommended for a business development grant between $500,000 and $1 million in the Long Island Regional Development Council’s 2018 Strategic plan. The goal of LIREDC recommendations is to advance Long Island growth of knowledge-based jobs and the overall economy.

The Spur was selected as one of the 39 priority projects of the 180 submissions received, and one of the five largest recommended awards. The Spur opened at a historic barn location next to the Southampton train station while it renovates its permanent location, at 630 Hampton Road, due to open in 2019.

“Not only will The Spur generate much needed business diversity and opportunity, it will contribute to a more dynamic cultural experience as new businesses and their employees seek out more enriching and valuable year-round outlets, smoothing out the valleys of the off-season,” says Spur founder and CEO Ashley John Heather.

Innovative programming and workshops are provided at The Spur several times a month to help curate and develop an innovation ecosystem on the East End in the areas of media and tech, food and drink, and health and wellness.

Additionally, the Spur sponsors the Riptide “Sink Or Swim” start-up venture contest. Modeled after the popular “Shark Tank” show, Riptide is giving local entrepreneurs a chance to win up to $50,000 to fund their
start-up business.

Assemblyman Fred Thiele weighed in on the grant. “I am thrilled the Spur was chosen for such substantial funding from the LIREDC and that the businesses in my District will benefit from their concept of a central work hub that provides essential resources to help ideas flourish.”

Both Heather and Gary Bierfriend, the Spur’s president and COO, “were delighted to hear that we have been selected as one of the top businesses on Long Island that our local politicians want to support,” offered Heather. “It shows confidence in both the business opportunity ahead of us, and also our ability as leaders to successfully execute.”

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