Alan Alda and Michael J. Fox Discuss Parkinson’s Disease on ‘Clear+Vivid’ Podcast

Alan Alda and Michael J. Fox
Alan Alda and Michael J. Fox, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

During an appearance on CBS This Morning back in July, Water Mill actor and podcaster Alan Alda publicly disclosed he has been living with Parkinson’s disease. Alda opened up about his personal experience with the disease since his initial diagnosis three years ago. The actor’s Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda podcast finished its first season this October with Hamptonite Katie Couric on the show.

For the Season 2 premiere, Alda sat down with Parkinson’s activist and Quiogue resident Michael J. Fox to chat about the disease.

Along with hosting his own podcast, Alda is widely recognized as an award winning actor, writer and educator. His Parkinson’s announcement was one of positivity and optimism. During the CBS This Morning interview this summer, he explained, “It’s a puzzle to be solved to see what I have to do to carry on a normal life…I enjoy solving puzzles.”

Parkinson’s is a disorder that affects nerve cells in the brain causing dopamine levels to drop. Symptoms traditionally begin with a tremor in the hands and gradually increase. Fox, who has been living with the disease since 1991, formed the Michael J. Fox Organization which is dedicated to uncovering a cure.

Alda’s upcoming podcast, which is available to download on November 13, offers a casual conversation between both Alda and Fox regarding their own understanding of living with Parkinson’s. Listeners are able to follow along as they discuss their experiences and the medical adjustments each were required to make. The two share similarities and differences while discussing their own ways of managing the disease and revealing their diagnosis to friends and family. The podcast will also touch on new research initiatives and present information for anyone who is looking to get involved.

The podcast can be both informative and relatable to anyone coping with the disease or who know someone affected by the disorder. Be sure to tune in to the Season Two premiere of Clear+Vivid with Alan Alda, available free for listeners on November 13.

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