Alex Rodriguez and Israeli Mentalist Prank Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Photo: ©PATRICKMCMULLAN.COM

Who knew a mind-reader could be the perfect thing to get on Black Friday? Water Mill couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez knew, which is why their Black Friday dinner party featured the mystical talents of Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard. On November 24, East Enders shared some hilarious clips on Instagram of their supernatural friend flabbergasting and bamboozling them.

Lopez captioned her video: “I’m sorry WHAT??!!! @LiorSuchard is the most amazing mentalist!! We had the most amazing time watching him do what he does the way only he can!! If you don’t know about him… you need to!!”

In the video, Suchard shows the audience some cards with loving messages such as, “I love you” “Darling” and “My love” written on them. But when he gives them to Rodriguez to read, the words can only come out as gibberish, no matter how slowly he tries to read it–much to his wife’s amusement. Perhaps Suchard psychically tweaked the connection between Rodriguez’s mind and eyes. Hilarious, but also spooky.

Since no marriage is complete without a few harmless pranks, A-Rod and Suchard planned a little surprise for J-Lo. In the video posted by both of them, Lopez is escorted around the table as the mentalist taps the back of each guest. Once everyone is tapped, Suchard snaps his fingers and all heads dropped to the table. Lopez gasps at the sight! Her shock was short lived though, as the jokesters couldn’t help snickering and teasing, “We got you!” Rodriguez captioned the video: “Psyche! Thanks to my good friend ‘Master Mentalist’ @LiorSuchard for helping us have a little fun with @JLo tonight.”

Lopez knew it was all in good fun and didn’t hold a grudge against the two prank conspirators. She’s seen with a big smile on her face in an Instagram photo posted by Suchard captioned: “What an amazing evening of wonder, astonishment and fun in thanks giving. Great to meet new friends.”

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