Design a Unique Menorah for Sag Harbor’s Center For Jewish Life Contest

Tree branch and nut menorah
Tree branch and nut menorah, Photo: Suman Bhaumik, byzonda, Yaroslav Domnitsky/123RF

Chabad’s Center for Jewish Life in Sag Harbor is hosting their second annual Chanukah’s Got Talent menorah design contest. The competition encourages entrants to submit creatively designed menorahs by the Wednesday, November 28 deadline for a chance to win three prizes, including $500 for first place, $300 for second and $200 for third.

The menorah represents the the story of Chanukah, which began with the accomplishments of a seemingly outmatched army of Jews beating the powerful Greek army of Antiochus IV, who attempted to oppress them. After their victory, Mattathias the Hasmonean and his son Judah Maccabee returned home to Jerusalem and found their temple desecrated. Restoring it required them to light their candelabrum (menorah), but they only had enough blessed oil to burn for one day—miraculously, it burned for eight full days, giving the men time to gather more oil. Chanukah celebrates this miracle over eight days, from December 2–10 in 2018.

Wine bottle menorah
Wine bottle menorah, Photo: Saša Perić, byzonda/123RF

For the Center For Jewish Life contest, menorahs must be designed with eight candle holders all on the same level and in a straight line. The shammash, a ninth candle used to light the others, holder should be on a higher level than the rest, and can be located in middle of the Menorah, with four candles on either side, or off to one side, separate from the others.

To help get you started, we’ve included a few ideas on this page.

Contestants will be judged for menorah design, creativity, originality and unique materials used in building the menorah. These menorahs must be newly built for this contest and not from a previously Chanukah. Contestant must be the sole builder of the menorah, and age will also be considered.

Glass dish and flame menorah
Glass dish and lighter fluid flame menorah, Photo: Moshe Ivan/123RF

To enter your creation, email a picture of your finished menorah with a detailed description, your age and a bio to [email protected].

Share a picture of your menorah on social media and tag Center For Jewish Life.

Entrants will be notified if your menorah is included in the final competition. If it does make the cut, you must drop off or mail your menorah to Center For Jewish Life prior to the judge’s decision ceremony at their Grand Chanukah Party and Award Ceremony on Sunday, December 2 at 3 p.m.

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