Jimmy Fallon and Jessica Biel Fight for Justin Timberlake’s Best Friendship

No one loves Justin Timberlake more than Jimmy Fallon, which the Sagaponak resident proved to Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel this week. During the Thursday, November 1 episode of The Tonight Show, Fallon and Biel went head to head in the Best Friend Challenge, to determine once and for all who knows the currently mute NSYNC member best.

The challenge commenced with the question on Timberlake’s favorite rapper—or as Timberlake gestured, two. Having recently bruised his vocal chords and being ordered to rest his voice, signing and mouthing words was all he could do for the duration of the show. Biel won that round with the correct answer: Mase and André 3000. Fallon was confident to catch up with the next question: go-to cocktail. Only the right answer wasn’t the gin and tonic that Fallon often shares with his “best buddy”—much to the talk show host’s despair—but rather Biel’s guess, a tequila mule.

Now, favorite drinks and rappers are one thing, but what about the really personal stuff?

Well, Fallon didn’t stay too far behind as he and Biel both knew Timberlake’s safe word, “pineapple,” much to the confused laughter of all parties involved. Timberlake couldn’t help mouthing, “Things just got weird,” and reaching for the hands of his two favorite people.

Finally, the last question: What number is Timberlake thinking of between 1 and 5,000? Tensions were rising between the two competitors when Fallon guessed right on the dot at 4,297, and a frustrated Biel walked off the stage.

In a follow-up clip, Biel punches out an unsuspecting Fallon as he sends his sick friend home with chicken soup, leaving him on the floor yelling, “Pineapple!” That’ll teach him not to compete for her man’s love.

During the show, Fallon also managed to interview the silent Timberlake. Through signing and mouthing words Timberlake expressed his wife’s joy over him losing his voice. Fallon teased Timberlake that this injury is probably the best thing to ever happen to her.

The host then moved on to Timberlake’s new memoir, Hindsight: And All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me. Timberlake motioned for Fallon to keep flipping through the pages until he came across the ultimate treat: an entire section of the memoir dedicated to them just being bros. The section contains a picture of their recurring Saturday Night Live sketch, playing Bee Gees brothers Barry Gibb (Fallon) and Robin Gibb (Timberlake) in The Barry Gibb Talk Show. In another display of bestie telepathy, Timberlake perfectly lip-synced the sketch’s theme song to Fallon’s singing. The two never missing a beat.

It’s not surprising that Fallon knows Timberlake so well, after all only the best of friends go “Bro-biking” on a tandem bicycle through the Hamptons, like these two did last year.

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