Montaukers Liev Schreiber & Robert De Niro Bring Big Laughs on SNL

Liev Schreiber hosts Saturday Night Live, opening monologue
Liev Schreiber hosts SNL, Photo: Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live continued to play host to Hamptonites on Saturday, November 10 with Montauk resident Liev Schreiber as host and fellow Montauker Robert De Niro as a surprise guest in the cold open sketch.

The cold-open shows SNL regular Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions reminiscing about his time as attorney general. Packing mementos into the box he was “born in,” Sessions bursts into a nostalgic rendition of Adele’s, “Someone Like You” flashing back to moments (past sketches) with Trump, played by Amagansett’s Alec Baldwin.

Eventually, after visits from Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and Trump’s two eldest sons, De Niro arrives, reprising his role as Robert Mueller from last year’s SNL season finale, to see Sessions out. Mueller thanks Sessions for the investigation—much to the confusion of the latter. As Mueller, De Niro asks, “You know in Harry Potter when the elf gets that piece of clothing that sets him free?” before handing the former USAG a piece of toilet paper from the bottom of Trump’s shoe. Sessions is touched by the gesture and the two hold each other singing “Someone Like You” right into the famous “Live from New York” tag line.

Schreiber opened the show with a monologue on how unfunny he is, so the viewer should not feel guilty for not laughing because the most important thing he wants you to remember is, “I am a very famous actor, with a great deal of money and a very nice apartment.” The actor admits this is a pickup line he’s used since college.

However, it would be revealed that the Ray Donovan star was merely downplaying his strengths. Throughout the show, he starred as various characters in sketches, such as The Daily podcast host, Michael Barbaro, almost unrecognizable in his impersonation and makeup, hosting the Poddys, an award show for podcasts, alongside Cecily Strong as Sag Harbor’s Sarah Koenig. The award categories include: Most Jarring Transition into a Sponsor, Best Nervous White Girl in a Place She Doesn’t Belong, and Most Unnecessary Podcasts.

Among other sketches, Schreiber also played reporter Roland Brown interviewing the Invest Twins—but a slip of the tongue led to the news graphics reading “Incest Twins.” Of course, the following interview is filled with innuendos from the interviewer and interviewees, set off perfectly by Brown’s earnest naiveté.

In his opening monologue, Schreiber asked, “Can we just revel in the fact that over 100 million people got off their butts and voted?” and offered his thanks to those who voted.

Schreiber’s Ray Donovan Season 6 is currently airing Sunday nights on Showtime.

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