Listen to an Auto-Tuned Paul McCartney in New Song “Get Enough”

You didn’t think Paul McCartney would end the year without one more surprise did you? On December 31, the Amagansett resident released a previously unheard song, “Get Enough,” a collaboration with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. 2018 has already given his fans the release of his new chart-topping solo album Egypt Station, an onstage reunion with fellow Beatles member Ringo Starr, his long-awaited return to Liverpool, an anti-bullying music video with Emma Stone and now a new song that’s far different from his usual tracks.

While the song opens in typical McCartney style with gentle piano and sincere lyrics, hardcore fans may be surprised when the auto-tune kicks in, creating a warbly distortion to his voice. Coupling the T-Pain-esque vocals with lyrics describing a long lost love and romantic walks by the docks creates an auditory dissonance that is sure to grab and hold listener’s attention.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney, Photo: buzzfuss/123RF

A September 2018 interview with GQ revealed that McCartney wrote this song with some brief trepidation on the public response. He said, “I know people are going to go, ‘Oh no! Paul McCartney’s on bloody auto-tune! What have things come to?’” However, in the end, he decided that part of living life is exposing yourself to new experiences.

So McCartney purists can breath a sigh of relief, as this was likely just a chance for the British rock star to experiment outside his comfort zone, not switch genres entirely. Whether “Get Enough” turns out to be a hit or a miss with fans, it’s clear that McCartney would rather take an artistic risk than let himself get stuck in a rut.

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