See Martha Stewart Whip Up Scrambled Eggs with a Cappuccino Machine

Video still of Martha Stewart's Cappuccino Eggs Demonstration
Martha Stewart's Cappuccino Eggs, Image: Food Network

Imagine a Starbucks barista making your coffee and scrambled eggs all with the same machine. It sounds crazy, but that’s how East Hamptonite Martha Stewart is doing it these days.

The food and lifestyle icon is once again thinking outside the box—or pan—to come up with a new way to prepare a breakfast staple. In a video posted to the Food Network’s Facebook page, Stewart shares a truly unconventional way to whip up a batch of scrambled eggs, with the help of a cappuccino machine.

In the clip, Stewart places two eggs in a heatproof mug, adds some salt, pepper and butter before placing the steam wand right into mix. The steam cooks the eggs in a matter of seconds without risk of burning. She suggests putting the cooked eggs on a piece of toast with some cheese on top to complete your breakfast “conversation piece.”

As intriguing as this method is, not everyone owns a luxury cappuccino machine. Thankfully, she has a recipe for the everyman as well. On January 9, Stewart posted a video to her own Facebook page, demonstrating a quick and easy recipe for bacon and egg toast cups—think chicken pot pies but for breakfast. Using a buttered muffin pan and a cookie cutter, she creates the crust with flattened bread pieces and places slightly cooked bacon inside, topping the morsels with egg yolks and seasoning. She describes the treat as, “everything you love about breakfast in one delicious bite.” The full recipe can be found on her website.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest additions to a recipe that make the biggest difference. Knowing this, Stewart shared one final recipe for scrambled eggs and bacon, adding potatoes and swiss chard to the mix to create a dish that’s just as good for dinner as it is for breakfast. See the full recipe and other eggcellent ideas on the Martha Stewart website.

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