See Drew Barrymore in ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Season 3 Trailer

Sagaponack resident Drew Barrymore’s hit show Santa Clarita Diet returns to Netflix on Friday, March 29. The entertainment service announced the exciting news with a new trailer posted to the company YouTube channel on Valentine’s Day.

Announcing the third season of this popular zombie horror/comedy on the day of love was no coincidence. Barrymore confirmed the connection when she posted the trailer to her Instagram, captioned, “My kind of Valentine’s Day treat.” The trailer consists of a montage of clips pieced together to form a wedding vow.

It begins in a restaurant setting where Barrymore’s flesh-hungry character, Shiela Hammond, begins the vow by asking her husband Joel Hammond, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, “What do you say Mr. Hammond? Will you take this woman to be your wife?” Then the next few clips use multiple characters to piece together the following lines, “To have, to hold, from better, maybe even worse, for rich and Mr. Ball Legs, in sickness, to love and cherish and (pardon Sheila’s French) snap off his jaw and feed him his balls, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, for the next thousand years or so?” It then cuts back to the first restaurant scene, where Joel can only respond, “Wow.”

So far, no other information about the new season has been released, and the trailer itself doesn’t offer many insights into the next chapter’s major plot points. However, seeing as the Hammonds are already married, the way Shiela’s vow ends with “for the next thousand years or so” may be a clue to the possibility of infecting Joel with the zombie virus allowing them to live together for quasi-eternity.

Only time will tell how this eerie series, written by Victor Fresco, will unfold. Catch all the gory fun when season three becomes streamable on Netflix on March 29.

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