Morris Studio: The Unseen Collection

Morris Studio Collection
Two Women of Fashion on a Bench, c. 1895. Independent/ Morris Studio Collection
Irving House, c. 1890s. Independent/Morris Studio Collection

The Southampton History Museum presents all new images in the show “Morris Studio: The Unseen Collection, Photographs of Southampton 1892-1940.” This exhibit presents a look at the rich history of the East End. Among the photographs are local historic landmarks and family portraits. An opening reception for the installation will be held on Saturday, March 2, from 4 to 6 PM at the Rogers Mansion.

George Morris began taking professional photos in 1892 when he opened his photography store on Main Street in Southampton. The shop closed in 2017 and more than 10,000 glass plate negatives were discovered hidden in the basement. The show includes over 70 framed photographs taken by Morris that illuminate a lost era.

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