Skye’s The Limit

Based in Merrick, Nassau County, there’s a new subscription box hitting Long Islanders’ doorsteps. The company is Skye Sportswear, founded by Erin DiNapoli, and it combines active lifestyle brands with fair-trade beauty products. I met with DiNapoli for an interview and impromptu sweat session before taking home my Leg Box for review.

How did you come up with Skye Sportswear?

I was always into fitness and into giving back. I saw so many subscription boxes that either were about yoga or beauty products, and everyone always focused on the price, but never the cause. So, one day, I said I wanted to create a box that has to do with what I love.

I decided to create a box including activewear and fair-trade products that are hand made by women globally. The women take home a percentage of what they make, and it helps them get off the streets and out of terrible situations such as sex trafficking, which is a big problem in these countries. I never knew about what goes on until I started working with the different companies.

I officially launched two months ago, with a minor relaunch a month ago.

Why the name Skye?

My daughter’s middle name is Skye, so I decided that would be amazing to add that name as part of my business.

You donate to FEED America?

I saw another company that was donating to them, and I knew that when I created the box that I wanted to give to a foundation. I was interested in that organization because it will give meals to the families that are hungry.

Why do you donate, on average, every other box rather than every box?

I felt it’s more an incentive for people. I could have done every box. But that is how usually box companies donate, on every few boxes, so you can give more.

What are your goals?

Right now, everything is on me, as I am everything behind the business. I’d like to be large enough to need a warehouse and new hires. I also would like to eventually have my own activewear manufactured for my subscription box and add a men’s line.

What are some fair-trade organizations you work with?

Mata Traders, Fair Anita, Same Skye, Matr Boomie.

How do you pick the active lifestyle brands you work with?

I go to trade shows. I want to make sure the quality is the best to offer my customers, so I get in samples or feel the quality at the shows before I decide which ones I work with.

Can people purchase items individually?

I do have an online store. As the company grows, people will be able to purchase items from previous boxes that have been shown.

How often will you rotate brands?

With an active lifestyle quiz, we will always rotate brands based on the answers from customers.

Made for women by women, Skye Sportswear’s product is a purchase to feel good about. In addition to giving back to other ladies in less fortunate conditions, Skye constantly aims to promote female empowerment — from the working mom to the fitness fanatic (or columnist?). There are three box categories: Legs Box for $90, Plank Box for $100, and a Wellness Box for $80.

As someone who is very particular with what items I order online, I can say one thing is for certain. This is one subscription you won’t cancel, and DiNapoli does an excellent job tailoring to individual desires. Be sure to check out my Instagram @NikkiOnTheDaily for more photos and videos about the products I received!

For more information about the company, visit or follow @skyesportswear.

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