Assault Follows Parade In Montauk, Cops Say

While the Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick’s Day parade took place on Sunday, March 24, without incident, there were three arrests made afterward in Montauk on misdemeanor charges. Two were for drunken driving, one following a car crash on Montauk Highway, and are detailed elsewhere.

There was also an arrest on a misdemeanor charge made by MTA police at the Montauk train station. Tristan Johnson Weigle, 21, of Shirley, beat a man at the train station about four hours after the parade, police said. Johnson Weigle punched the man repeatedly in the face, then slammed his face into a wall, breaking his nose, and causing multiple cuts on the victim’s face, according to police. It was not clear from the police report what the relationship between the two men was.

Held overnight, Johnson Weigle was arraigned in East Hampton Town Justice Court Monday morning. When it came time to set bail, Matthew D’Amato of the Legal Aid Society argued that since Johnson Weigle was a Long Island resident, and was only charged with a misdemeanor, that bail be set at $100. Justice Lisa Rana expressed concern about the alleged seriousness of the injuries, and set bail at $400, which was posted.

Unrelated to the parade, an East Hampton woman was charged with assault Sunday evening, as well. Police said that Nina Schafer, 54, attacked her 85-year-old mother, causing cuts on her face. Police responding to the Oakview Highway address where the incident allegedly occurred, said the mother’s face was bloodied. The assault charge was at the felony level due to the age of the alleged victim.

The mother appeared in court for her daughter’s arraignment, asking that she be released. Rana granted the mother’s request, but only after issuing a court order that Schafer refrain from any criminal conduct against her mother.

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