Freedman Exhibit Has Furry Focus

Photo by Jill Freedman
Independent/Jill Freedman

Julie Keyes’s new gallery at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor welcomes NYC-based photographer, Jill Freedman, on Friday, March 15. The show, running through April 12, will depict New York City 1968 through 1991. Playfully titled “Dog Show,” Keyes Art will also showcase Freedman’s images of canines from the city streets to the countryside, the various personalities of man’s best friend. Beyond photography, Freedman has published seven books, one of which the artist will be available to sign, “Old News: Resurrection City.”

Freedman is a well-known photographic storyteller, documenting images of circus days, Ireland, and even the spirited South Beach Strippers, to name a few of her explorations. Her vision for her craft had its origins when she was only seven years old and came across printed images of the Vietnam War. It has continued to develop over her lifetime as a lens into moments that would be otherwise overlooked.

From the German Shepherd glaring at the “No Dogs Allowed” sign to the two drag queens on the night streets of New York, Freedman sets the still frame of time for when life speeds by.

How did you get involved with Keyes Art?

Through my two friends, Patty Watt and Beverly Morris.

You mention Life magazine in your bio as influencing your love of photography. What current magazine has that impact on you?

Actually, none now! Most magazines don’t do picture stories.

How did you get into photography?

I wanted to photograph protests against the Vietnam War.

Why choose to do a photographic series on dogs?

I love all animals, but especially dogs! I loved my dog, Fang.

Do you have a favorite photo in the series?

The woman on the cover of my book “Resurrection City” — such a strong powerful figure planted right on the steps of the Capitol.

How do you know at what moment to take a picture?

I just feel it!

How do you feel about your picture being taken?
I’m not very photogenic.

Keyes Art is located at 53 Main Street in Sag Harbor. Call 917-509-1379 for more information.

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