Derwood Hodgegrass Will Complete 150-Yard Swimming Pool by Summer

Derwood Hodgegrass swimming pool
Render of Derwood Hodgegrass’s Sea-lysium swimming pool, Photo: 123RF

Following a more than six-year battle with Hamptons municipal boards, Water Mill billionaire Derwood Hodgegrass says construction of his much maligned and celebrated 150-yard swimming pool will be complete by Memorial Day weekend, just in time for summer.

The eccentric inventor and bon vivant says his massive pool would be the largest in the country, noting “This pool, which we’re calling Sea-lysium, will be big enough to sail small boats in.” Further, Hodgegrass says the swimming pool will feature small islands, as promised when he unveiled plans in 2013. “One will be a bar, another a tanning deck and a third will be a tented place for lovemaking,” he explained at the time, adding, “Sea-lysium will be like nothing else in the Hamptons.”

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It seems he’s definitely right about that. But many are asking how he was able to gain permission for such a grandiose build just yards from the ocean and farmland.

“I believe the primary Hamptons Municipal Board and their related planning and review affiliates realized this pool sends an important message about the South Fork’s dominance in the world luxury market,” Hodgegrass says. “A pool like this now puts us in line with my friends in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which are just wonderful places to enjoy a jaunt,” he continued. “But the Hamptons is my true home and it’s important for us to prove we can ‘hang with the big boys,’ as the plebs might say.”

In classic Hodgegrass style, the innovator used the extensive dig—in which even he and some wealthy friends took part—to test various new tools devised via his Elysium Workshop think tank, and he’s already sold patents for shovels and picks that allow workers to spend hours digging with little to no fatigue.

“I’ve found some excellent men and women to help me market these new tools, including our very own esteemed Hamptons Beautification Board Chairman G. Edward Townshend and East End Planning Committee President Edwina Danvers,” Hodgegrass explained on Friday. “They both learned all the ins and outs of this project, and the related minutia, during their extensive review and, blessedly, approval process.”

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