Pryor Convictions

It’s not every day that one meets someone who has been both a drag queen and a minister. But Richard Pryor Jr. — son of the late famed comedian — has done just that, and a whole lot more, for which he will be feted with an award from the Child HELP Partnership at the Southampton Cultural Center on Sunday, May 26.

Pryor Jr. will be reading excerpts from and answering questions about his book “In a Pryor Life.” The newly released memoir recounts his childhood, his love of performing, a life of abuse and abuses, and how he survived to tell his tale.

The new Illuminator Award is presented to an individual who educates and enlightens the public about a complex issue and in doing so inspires positive change.

“I come out to the Hamptons on occasion to visit with friends, and love the beaches,” Pryor said. “I feel honored to receive the Illuminator Award on Sunday at the Southampton Cultural Center, because I’m a big supporter of helping, in any way, organizations that nurture abused children. In my new book, I share my experience of having an iconic comedian for a father, and hopefully bring awareness of trauma caused by early-life abuse, the drug and sex culture, and the spirit needed to overcome my demons,” he said, adding, “I care about today’s children and future generations.”

The Child HELP Partnership mission is to better protect and heal families from trauma and its emotional impact. Founded in 2001, CHP is nationally recognized as a leading source for evidence-based mental health treatment and prevention of childhood trauma.

The event will include a musical celebration along with Pryor’s reading and performance. The East End Youth Quartet will open the event with a special performance in recognition of Pryor’s spirit and courage. The award presentation will follow by Lois Beekman Oliveira, Board Chair of Child HELP Partnership, in recognition of Pryor’s efforts to shine a light on the path to recovery from early life trauma. The event will be hosted by Dr. Bernie Furshpan.

A festive wine reception, book signing, and raffle drawing in the lobby gallery will follow the celebration.

Space is limited and by reservation. To reserve, email [email protected] or leave a message at 631-276-7798. A $30 tax deductible contribution to bring abuse and bullying prevention to area children is requested to attend the event and reception and can be made in advance at by selecting the donate button that links to “Donate Now,” or at the door.

The event is being held on Sunday, May 26, from 5 to 7 PM at the Levitas Center for the Arts at the Southampton Cultural Center.

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