Water Views Writing Contest

Artwork by Joana Gutierrez, Grade 8, EHMS, Mr. D'Andrea. Thanks to all the students who entered stories and art for our Water Views contest where the question was: What does water mean to me? Please be sure to come to the Water Views Festival at Guild Hall on Sunday, June 2. It’s free and educational, with great speakers and an eco-fair.

By Olivia Armon | Grade 9, EHHS, Mrs. Dunn


I am the personification of water.

I am like all the rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.

In the shallow waters, I am beautiful, captivating, and filled with movement.

In deeper water, I am mysterious, dark, and confusing.

Glistening in the sunlight, observe my majestic grace.

Gods tears flow through every crevice on this earth.

During nice weather, I am predictable, shining, and enjoyable to be around.

When stormy weather comes, I am crazy, mean, and unpredictable.

The memories filter through my mind as if I were looking at a picture album.

Little boys and girls splashing in puddles, teenagers having their first and last kisses in the rain, and adults clearing snow out of their driveways and off of their cars.

Water is everywhere, and so I am there with it.

I have seen everything, and I realized that no living thing can live without me.

Yet be warned. If I become too stained, I will no longer be of use to you.

If you continue to interfere with my natural flow, you might run parts of my personality dry.

No longer will I be beautiful, mysterious, or captivating.

Fixing me will require more time and effort than my destruction.

Even if only two and a half percent of me is useful to you.

Don’t appreciate only part of me, when the whole thing is in front of you.

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