What Should Your Child Bring to Camp? East End Camps Weigh In

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You’ve found the perfect summer camp for your child…now what? Check out what some summer camps recommend you add to your kid’s backpack.

Just the usual stuff: spare drone propellers, extra 3D printing filament, handful of SD cards, ultratronic sensor or two and sunblock.—iCamp Innovators Camp

Essentials to bring will include sneakers, bug spray and lunch.—Gotham Gym’s Summer Boxing Class Program

The most essential item to bring to camp is a hat! It blocks the sun and keeps the kids cool. Plus, we always pack extra snacks, drinks and sunblock (although camp has all of those things) and a reusable water bottle. Eco-friendliness is key!Future Stars Southampton

Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing, visor or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen, and insect repellent (with parental approval).East Hampton Sports Camp @ Sportime Amagansett

Hayground essentials would be swimsuit, sunblock, and just come ready for fun adventure! Also, an open mind and an open heart.—Hayground Camp

After many years of working with children and running a summer pony camp, I find that the best way for children to thoroughly enjoy summer camp and get the most out of their camp experience is to be prepared. They need to be dressed in the proper attire which each camp activity requires. Being dressed properly, they will feel more confident among their peers as well as comfortable for the duration of the day.

Always dressing for the weather is essential, too. Rain boots, hat and raincoat, a warm jacket if weather turns chilly or an extra change of clothes is always a good idea. Camp days in hot weather can test the strength of children, supplying them with plenty of cold water, healthy lunches and snacks is beneficial for their mental, physical and emotional endurance.

Lastly, to ensure the success of your child’s camp day, the basic survival kit of sun hats, sunblock, bug repellent and tick block should be packed. Prior to the start of each morning, parents along with their children should go over the checklist of what’s needed at camp for that particular day. Being prepared and following these easy tips can ensure that your child’s summer camp experience will be fantastic and memorable.Jimenez Jumpers

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