Andromeda’s Sisters: A New Kind Of Gala

The summer benefit season is upon us, and there is a plethora of worthy causes looking to raise money from both tried and true supporters and tax-deductible daters. Guests may be well-versed in the mission of the philanthropy, while others are just trying to figure out how to dig their stiletto heels out of the lawn while balancing their plastic cup of chardonnay.

Navigating Hamptons social fundraising events requires not just Google Calendar but rotating dresses to avoid being photographed twice in the same outfit (quelle horreur), a quippy comeback to your ex’s half-your-age new date, and a serious game plan for winning silent auctions (online bidding makes a strategic placement of a champagne glass, cloudy with condensation, to obscure the last bidder’s number obsolete).

So, what if it’s not so much about what’s on the outside as what’s on the inside for a new kind of gala? Kate Mueth and her Neo-Political Cowgirls present Andromeda’s Sisters, a unique two-day fundraising event June 14 and 23, where all you have to do is polish your aura, put a little rouge on your soul, and step out not only of your stilettos but your comfort zone.

It’s great to dress up your daring and immerse yourself in new work by award-winning playwrights on Friday, June 14, at Guild Hall from Joy Behar, Lucy Boyle, Julia Jordan, Anna Ziegler, Liana Sonenclar, Margo Hammond, and Suzanne Bradbeer. A stellar cast comes to the stage to support their fellow female voices including Blythe Danner, Laura Gomez, and Catherine Curtin of “Orange is the New Black,” Susie Essman of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Tamara Tunie of “Law & Order,” and Ellen Marie Dolan of “As The World Turns.” The collective effort shows that it is not just financial support but moral support from this amazing community of talent that makes an event a success.

There is a subtle but soul-enhancing power in the act of showing up for one another because we realize as women, and awesome evolved men, that we are all in it together.

Those in the community know the Neo-Political Cowgirls present original and provocative dance, theater, and education events, and interaction is a key component. On Sunday, June 23, at Guild Hall, Mueth is offering a creative workshop and brunch with Sarah Greenman of StateraArts, whose mission is to take positive action to bring women into full and equal participation in the arts.

I write often about safe emotional and creative space, as well as the dreaded muffin top, the former being my higher Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs self. There is a real pressure in the Hamptons scene to be perfect or the illusion thereof. It’s refreshing to think of a fundraiser where you can let your I-haven’t-had-time-get-my-roots-done hair down and be inspired by myriad women’s stories and voices.

Andromeda’s Sisters title is inspired by the story of Poseidon’s nymph daughters who swam against the currents of the sea to help save Andromeda who was lashed to a rock by their father and about to be consumed by a violent sea monster. There are many metaphorical sea monsters women face in today’s political, economic, and social environment, so it’s encouraging to see them swimming against the tides.

Mueth puts it succinctly. “When we help our sisters, regardless of friendship or kinship or convenience, we are extraordinary humans walking the talk for real change. When women do these things we then, in turn, become examples for our children, our neighbors, our fellow employees, our families and the men in our lives.” For tickets, visit

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