School Officials, Cops Remain Silent

Law offices of John Ray.
Riverhead High School principal Charles Regan. Independent/Courtesy law offices of John Ray.

Riverhead High School Principal Charles Regan remains “administratively reassigned,” still drawing his nearly $200,000 salary days after he was charged with having a sexual relationship with an underage student nearly two decades ago. And, her attorney says another victim or victims are going to be coming forward to raise even worse charges against Regan, including rape. “He is a predator, a pervert,” said John Ray, the Miller Place attorney representing both victims.

But so far police and school officials seem loath to pursue the alleged predator. “They have a mindset to make everything go away,” said Ray.

Ray criticized the school system in general for “protecting” pedophiles. The Riverhead School District website does not mention the charges against the principal. Riverhead Superintendent Aurelia Henriquez did not return a request for comment and has said publicly only that Regan will remain off campus pending the investigation. Ray wonders why the district doesn’t sever ties with him immediately. “This is an extremely sick individual,” he said.

Suffolk County Police’s Seventh Squad has refused through a spokeswoman to acknowledge detectives knew about the rape allegations. “Do you know if the victim contacted us?” she asked. “We don’t speak about accusations.” The spokeswoman said no arrests have been made in the case.

Eastport-South Manor Acting Superintendent Joseph Stemel did not return phone calls, either. The district website does not mention the matter. “He’s not calling anyone back,” a spokeswoman said. “This happened 20 years ago.”

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