60 Summers Throwback: TV Listings from the Early July 1964 Montauk Pioneer

1964 TV with Dan Rattiner's face on it
Dan TV! Photo: Barbara Lassen, elen1/123RF

My, how times have changed! When The Montauk Pioneer published its July 4 issue in 1964, DVR was not a thing. Cable was not a thing. Streaming was definitely not a thing. Locals had to rely on rabbit ears, maybe some tin foil and the strong signals of New England stations whose broadcasts reached the East End. Check out what was on TV in July 1964 and find a new appreciation for modern entertainment.

Bonanza, Bewitched, Gomer Pyle, The Andy Griffith Show and The Fugitive were the top five television series of 1964. Contrast that with our 60th summerAmerica’s Got Talent, 60 Minutes, The Bachelorette, NCIS and The Big Bang Theory are the most watched programs on network TV.

It’s hard to believe then, as now, that people were staying inside instead of enjoying all the summer has to offer on the East End.

TV listings from the July 1964 Montauk Pioneer
TV listings from the July 1964 Montauk Pioneer

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